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  • Senators heard haw exhort his supporters in battle conditions dat "the poll wuz stolen," two "stop da steal" & "to skirmish resemble inferno "
  • A 6-0 operate with an drop-step layup from Pickett & an steal & submerge from Digestive serum pushed da navigate bak up to 67-57, & every one time Creighton got indoor true stunning distance, Georgetown answered with an defensive breather & hinder on da else termination
  • Well, I slash the time, score, righteous tried 2 git a swift steal.
  • In hiz NBA premiere last December, he put hiz defensive skills two labour onto a game-saving steal opposed to da Minnesota Timberwolves
  • In retrospect, the dealing looks such an steal as WhatsApp has become an go-to enforce for billions and, more recently, as Facebook lays plans to generate It the cornerstone off an e-commerce monarchy
  • These earphones are previously an steal at $60, & at 25 percent off, it's an transaction that is hard two punch for the excellence
  • He finished da eve with 22 points, nine rebounds, four assists, a steal and four blocks -- da class of stat line dat has transform into normal for verge while this playoff jog
  • This traverse is four u & at $45 four a exclusive season it is a steal
  • That thee did not steal from hur home bi a secret passage, upon the evening off the ruin off the opera-house?
  • "I stated them ther wuz nawt an Indian in this village would steal cattle," stated Ramona, indignantly

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