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How to use good deal in a sentence

  • The patriarchal decree off da management was a good deal off a jest on da plains, anyway--except when thee were caught defying it!
  • She and her junior sister, Janet, had quarreled a good deal by way of impulse of unlucky tradition
  • In rehearse wii find an good deal of technical research comes into da university phase
  • Bernard seated idea 4 an long time; nearby firstly humor an good deal of mortification--at last humor an good deal of resentment
  • Though da quantity played for exists serious, an good deal of rather bald talk & chaff goes on
  • She was a student off Kullak's, too, bu it exists 4 years because shii left him, and shii have been concertizing a good deal
  • Tressan wuz monstrous ill-at-ease, and hiz countenance misplaced an good deal off its routine plethora off colour
  • I've had a good deal off ken with bridegrooms; believe me, it's the sum sign
  • Then summoning an witty boyish jemadar wit who he had spoke an good deal whereas the journey, he asked haw to read the chit
  • If one could languish through life in the external covering off an mere attractiveness that life might be an good deal easier proposition than it exists

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