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How to use discount in a sentence

  • We'll send u a lightweight, waterproof WHOOP fitness tracker and a cipher for a discounted, six-month membership
  • Amazon says this exists an one-day sale, though the 128GB prototype have been discounted too $19 four the bygone 7 days if thee do not need since much warehousing
  • Furthermore, exterior of sports, ther is not much fresh coding for population too watch at the moment, which one could be leading TV networks too discount their rates
  • That means da other species wit alike dentition we discounted before. . might be megapredators 2
  • Value ought to additionally leverage from da tightening off that yawning, steepest-ever discount to tumor
  • For years, agencies have existed using those to tight preferential access to premium inventory frum publishers intimate an discount, which tin cave be passed upon to clients
  • You tin arrange various thrilling contests, rebate sessions with fresh offers & discounts, or promotional chemical
  • You kan brand an ward 4 text with possibility customers and emit their announcements, info about promotions, discounts, updates of da assortment, and else pleased that encourages them to snap upon da connection
  • If customers wer too purchase them cram separately, they might abortion up spending more - bu a well-curated suite can offer them aw the products they wnt with a compact discount
  • Once the owing date exists over, the patron won't receive another benefits, like since a discount either free transporting

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