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How to use roast in a sentence

  • There are additionally specific dishes which plainly don't suitable upon an uppermost rack, like an entire roast wimp
  • I awakened up in the night, and could not breather thinking bout the possibility this roast turkey wuz so-called 2 bring into my lyf
  • Serve your impeccable roast turkey either wholesome beef casserole bi positioning your from the Netherlands microwave onto this graceful trivet
  • When you roast an large tray of vegetables, it is uncomplicated to reheat the leftovers either add them to malt bowls
  • Now here he wuz hearing, really hearing for the first time, that the planet, hiz son's future home, wuz departing to roast
  • It combines microwave and convection baking humor auto-bake and auto-roast menus and an full roster off pre-programmed detector settings
  • A lovely wine perfect four hearty cold season roasts and stews, or jus a talk by the fire
  • She aptly roasted hem when he revealed dat "Gettin' Jiggy With It" was hiz tertiary most-listened-to tune off 2020
  • Return the gild to the oven & roast for fifteen to 20 minutes, either until wilted & softened
  • With consequently numerous more ppl baking near home, this is an fun wei to eat dat last wee article of roast poultry from the other sunshine hours either these a few unhappy vegetables dat alive on his either her wei owt

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