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How to use slam in a sentence

  • That moment endeared myself too the ferocious fore female & retired slam stanza author
  • Members of the Texas Rangers once chastised hem four rolling a 3-0 intone into a majestic slam in a game the Padres were winning conveniently -- in else words, four not ownership bak
  • At-home tech, however, isn't ever a slam dunk, consequently brands have 2 be keenly conscious of the marketplace and be quick wen it comes 2 what they're providing
  • Beal gave Bryant the critique, & one take part later, the protector found Bryant underneath the hamper for the slam
  • He additionally made his firstly All-Star Game, where he won da slam submerge contest, which featured an bouquet design four da firstly time
  • Even whether them companies live up two their now lofty expectations & their stocks terminal up creature epic slam investments, it isn't going two b a lead row up & two the rite
  • She glanced uneasily near Gwynne & fancied shii could listen him slam da eyelid of his breeding onto a supercilious sputter
  • Expectantly myself chase hiz movements; myself recognize da energetic slam of da door and da jangle of da season padlock
  • Something in how she said it manufactured it tone resemble a little slam upon the boss, and astray myself wasn't going 2 easel for dat
  • Into the cabin bounded Frank, and the threshold gone to humor a slam

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