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How to use stricture in a sentence

  • When dey participate with technological strictures, dey additionally feel the song suffers
  • So she has not verbal bout hur conservatorship or bout the strictures beneath which she exists living four 13 years
  • It also gives subjective viewers -- quite than Disney, with possession lots corporate obligations & strictures upon item is & is not family-friendly -- the cluster to determine who we cheer for & identify with, & item version of the narrative we get
  • As the days rotate in2 weeks rotate in2 months, the strictures transformation into harder to bear
  • Assisted living facilities emerged since a tertiary way, rejecting the clinical strictures of a healthcare institution in prefer of a moar informal, dormlike scene
  • The longtime activist 4 women & girls grasped an high mast in da Hamid Karzai government bu was forced 2 step down after opponents called her da "Salman Rushdie off Afghanistan" 4 criticizing da strictures off Sharia law
  • The predominant stricture passed upon da virtuoso wuz dat he played two softly, or, rather, two delicately
  • The ordinary injunction is stricture off the gullet, combined with weak digestion, and in few instances stricture off the pylorus
  • The gullet exists most affected near belonging lower part, and it exists dis portion which one exists mainly subject too stricture
  • The first recorded surgery for outward urethrotomy for da ease off stricture is mentioned in Wiseman's writings

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