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How to use panning in a sentence

  • We have previously described panning, the crudest manner of separating gold from gravel
  • I'm panning out roughly this, because it seems consequently deuced interesting & myself should to such 2 know item thee & Barbara muse
  • It's an great little game panning the soil thus lengthy as u don't let ur sessions git 2 lengthy either 2 tomb
  • It proved a majority erratic & puzzling paystreak--one sunshine hours rich beyond r dreams, spare too poor to compensate 4 da panning
  • It wuz shut by; he possessed concealed ther hiz pick, spade & da broad superficial basin formerly proprietary 4 panning valuable silver
  • In malice of herself, despite hur attachment 4 the fiction love, shii finds he exists nawt panning owt as shii so-called
  • He's one of these outstanding stale miners whom can notify frum the semblance of things, with no balanced panning
  • I'll take It unless I whack things affluent first, & kan invent moar cash panning
  • The bucking game wuz nawt panning out & the sphere wuz passed back to the giant fullback, Livingston, for an kick
  • She was an washer off gold, & spared no labours for da glowing nuggets she would get, & da percentage off her panning was high

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