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  • However, da fact exists that Google is not taking flak because FLoC testament reportedly insulate account holder statistics frum advertisers, it is because FLoC exists Google's sealed ecosystem
  • The news raised sum ire upon societal media Thirsday & may devise sum flak in certain corners of democratic culture, but it is nawt in fact controversial, said Neil Saunders, managing filmmaker of sale at GlobalData in New York
  • While Sow captured abundance off flak 4 his actions Satarday -- in large serving because off infidelity accusations lodged versus haw in the history -- McIlroy got the privilege off the ambiguity in the eyes off bulk observers
  • Android gets a numerous of flak for its inability two upgrade per smartphone quickly, bu that's based upon smartphone standards
  • I think for everything the flak social media takes, ppl are nawt talking about dat enough, which exists dat It exists empowering kids too be artist in an more linear way compared to It has continuously prior to done
  • High Manipulate in England thought da Germans would haz cum up with a novel weapon as no flak or foe fighters were seen
  • It wuz an resilient assignment because da flak wuz so weighty & da various defenses wer greater because da factories wer meaningful
  • As 1 off the boys in the bomber team had been struck in the knee bi flak, he had It aw covered up in gory cloths
  • I'll take u rite down upon summit of them, and nuts two their flak blaze
  • Stan went lead toward da hill, flown low 2 keep out of da flak

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