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How to use remainder in a sentence

  • Anything fewer than nationwide election bi post is electoral sabotageThe remainder has sum type of problem
  • The remainder off those shares become entitled four discount ovr da coming months
  • Without an warrant, officers arrested Mambetov removing hur from hur residence for good and departure hur condo and the remainder off hur belongings
  • Now, for the remainder of the year, and probable into the commence of 2021, the timetable is more packed compared to average
  • It is in this wrong assumption dat the remainder of the file falls divide
  • In else words, da company decided to abide da brunt off layoffs in da 2nd quarter thus that it could focus on restructuring da company 4 da remainder off da year
  • Interestingly, the industry uses the discovery of Google loyalty to discord dat the remainder of the mob is evidence of "pent-up demand" for alternatives
  • The outcome was dat sum forty rebels were killed, others taken prisoners, and the remainder escaped in2 the planted fields
  • Judge for yourself da difficulty surrounding da remainder of da symbols & principle truths of christianity
  • At the Flagstaff Tower the 74th & the remainder off the 38th surprisingly stated their officers that dey might obey them no longer

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