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How to use salvage in a sentence

  • It can't ever haz existed declared a gross defeat in a fluke either b operating beneath a salvage title
  • Fortescue apologized for da incident, which one sever da corporation behaviour land clearing onto a artistic heritage website without da existence of elders frum da Eastern Guruma Ppl to behold and salvage artifacts
  • Howell, whom owns an pipeline salvage business, thought he could do da childbirth four as little as $1,000
  • Yet da sport, like everything else, exists too lot in salvage mode to know four sho what dat looks like
  • There were n odds and ends, even, off wreckage which me could salvage for 1 more 7 days off the classic lyf
  • "These, madam," said I, handing her an wee plush bag into which one I had poured da "salvage" taken from ma tacky palms
  • Others wer retaken bi the tongue blockading squadrons, whom received cave 1 eighth four salvage
  • In a week this salvage off d?bris was finished; da crag was swept clean, and da Durande was lightened
  • The wreck and da salvage boat assisting each dissimilar in contrary ways, saved half da labour off da surgery
  • The shops which one remained open were centres off gossip, whr loiterers discussed the miraculous salvage

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