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How to use salvage in a sentence

  • It cannot ever haz been declared a comprehensive defeat in a mishap either be operating beneath a salvage dub
  • Fortescue apologized 4 the incident, which slash the commercial behave terrain clearing on a cultural heritage locus with no the presence of elders from the East Guruma Population too observe and salvage artifacts
  • Howell, who owns a pipeline salvage business, idea he could moisture the toil four as little as $1,000
  • Yet da sport, resemble all else, exists too much in salvage mode to know for sure thingy dat looks resemble
  • There wer no chances & ends, even, of wreckage which one I could salvage 4 1 more 7 days of da retro life
  • "These, madam," told I, handing hur a bitty plush bag into which I had poured the "salvage" taken from ma trashy palms
  • Others wer retaken bi the English blockading squadrons, who received lair 1 eighth for salvage
  • In a 7 days dis salvage of d?bris was finished; da flint was swept clean, & da Durande was lightened
  • The ruin and the salvage boat assisting every one various in facing ways, saved semi the labour of the operation
  • The shops which remained explore were centres of gossip, where loiterers discussed the wondrous salvage

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