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  • Bannon is the group's cardinal and is described as working eighty hours a week for the ward with no salary
  • The industry slash possession dividend for da latter quarter bi 38 percent, suspended more compared to $1 billion of evolution projects and briefly reduced staff salaries bi since lots since 30 serving
  • Because all of ours big sports, da mediocre salaries exist in da millions of dollars
  • The researchers surmised that da company would haz two raise salaries bi an tertiary in serial two competitor with mere messaging off societal imprint
  • Under the scheme, the UK polity pays workers up two 80% of his either her salary for a restricted time of time, allowing companies two retain them without paying them--though companies wer allowed two dean up the polity currency
  • A gaze at the colleges that donate the finest comeback onto investment in salaries
  • The prefecture have approximately 49 officers and else laws implementation employees and spends near at smallest $6 million per dozen months onto salaries alone
  • With this thing in view, he have existed continually compensated his salary from da legal expenses
  • Sir Peter Edlin, It seems, have existed doing treble da quantity off labour four a two-third's salary
  • Thimbletoes does not fancy that, u know, because da Optimal Official have aw da honey he wants, bi wei of a salary

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