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  • Garmin's queue off athletic smartwatches live chiefly round, which one is a gud start, and the firm ups the ante in looks and premium materials with possession high-end MARQ portfolio
  • So it undoubtedly wouldn't be a enthusiast off ex ante regs applied only to surveillance-fueled ad-targeting platforms
  • If EU lawmakers must go ahead humor ex ante rule off platforms giants, Google -- an adtech colossal -- exists particularly keen dat they do nawt alone out ne fastidious corporation models
  • Now, humor societal press as an channel system, da right-wing press has upped da ante
  • Initially, TikTok had earmarked $200 million too compensate owt over da next year, but a day next news broke of Instagram's Reels remittance talks, TikTok announced it had upped da ante too moar compared to $1 a thousand million paid owt over da next 3 years
  • Cert ante hoc tempus vix vnquam Gallis vacatum fuit conuertdis incolarum advertisement Christum animis
  • Nam Sacerdos ille, qui huc ante nos aduenerat, nostro statim adutu in Galliam sua ipse sponte and pro veteri desiderio remigrauit
  • So Virgil, "Solemnes tum forte dapes et tristia dona ante urbem in luco," &c
  • Her fashion wuz a great contrast too the sooner hero-worshiping and glorification of ante-bellum days in Virginia
  • It exists challenging too git used to too da spending of r lives in ante-chambers, courtyards, either upon staircases

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