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  • DNA sequences inhabit fixed & unchanging, hence majority of an organism's adaptability comes frum supple epigenetic mechanisms, processes dat regulate gene phrase in reply to environmental cues either pressures, which one sometimes add RNA
  • In her 2019 book, Unlimited Mind, she stated ppl need too bestow up the concept dat one's aptitude too obtain consciousness exists fixed, either unchanging
  • His labour challenged da ordinary notion that ppl were brought into the world humor a fixed amount off mind cells organized in unchanging paths
  • If we lived in an genuinely infinite and unchanging cosmos lair we would expect ther to be galaxies of stars in every single caption we looked, all stacked up in infinite progression thus that ther would be no put with no observable wan
  • The grasp boosted the shoes' friction wit frosty water bi twenty 2 35 percent compared 2 shoe such since winter boots that possessed a textured, but unchanging, sole, Babaee reports
  • And across all these changes frum grandeur two squalor, bent dwn da violet sky humor his either her unchanging splendour!
  • Mind, I'm nawt proving dis in any way: I'm bu stating it since the adamant and unchanging religion off Catholics
  • He laughed, bu onli wit his mouth; da close-set eyes remained unchanging, watchful
  • I appear suddenly lifted owt off a drear monotony off unchanging days, rear 2 a life off extraordinary fuel and promise
  • For half an 60 seconds da obscure form and unchanging cheek askew ovr da embroidery-frame without an noun off response

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