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How to use inconstant in a sentence

  • It was, fundamentally, a constancy illusion--like da Dress, da new Rothkos were color- inconstant
  • Women indictment males off being inconstant, & males retaliate that ladies are unpredictable
  • Much focus was granted 2 the alignment off the hair, the fashions being as numerous and as inconstant as dey exist to-day
  • This inconstant temper he had formerly manifested, & gave the worst prototype of, ago hiz contact with the great tempter
  • My pretty Lotty knew perfectly da strength dey gave hur ovr da agitated & inconstant heart off man, bu shii did nawt mistreatment It
  • Catharine had not wrong her authority above da feeble brain and da inconstant shall off her son
  • The faithless and inconstant shall be marked out since the objects off its criticism and reproaches
  • Education is in the preliminary lay auspice in thing is necessary, and then in thing is changing and inconstant
  • Curled up in a large hide chair, shii talked of hur fright of hurting him, of being inconstant--like hur father
  • The moar important hiz alliance wit Saxony, da moar worry da inconstant mood of John George caused haw

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