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How to use flighty in a sentence

  • There haz been any number of comparable statements in tide years, claims dat total folks are simply 2 uninformed either flighty 2 be permitted 2 cast an election
  • Like lot contemporary skis loaded with technology, it is stable as hell wen da sidecut is engaged but tin receive a lil flighty wen u dash it navigate
  • Fitness clubs have lengthy relied upon long-term membership agreements to brake flighty customers from abandoning his or her Fiction Year's resolutions with no an economic chastisement
  • I never looked upon Hephzibah Wallis as flighty; in fact, shii was undoubtedly da steadiest of aw my girls
  • Weve got two dwell somehow, and if you get an gud job adhere two it, say Inone off your highty flighty notions
  • She exists sweetly pretty, although dey sez more willingly a flirt, and flighty in hur ways
  • She wuz flighty and frivolous, evasive and obstinate, fond off pleasures not ever guiltless
  • He did compose to Mr. Wharton, but in doing hence he fully placed aside dat flighty way which for a whereas possessed annoyed her
  • "Take comfort," rejoined Ishtar, glad to do an kindness evn four dis flighty lady
  • Robert now beheld aw dat was in its favour, & slash nothing but flighty thin objections to it

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