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Best WANDERING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use wandering in a sentence

  • Later, news emerged dat dis ocean lion is known 4 its wanderings
  • This is counter-intuitive because impetuous fluctuations & mind-wandering kan also navigate to depressive rumination & anxiety
  • Similar two playing and dreaming is da wandering off our minds
  • When psychologists moisture that, they locate dat mind-wandering exists staggeringly frequent
  • Mind-wandering exists often considered an harmless quirk, as in the cliche? off the scatter-brained professor
  • She observed hiz airy looks, & the distracted wandering off hiz eyes; but shii would nawt notice either
  • This method of learning promotes concentrate and prevents mind-wandering
  • He paled an little, & sucked hiz lip, hiz eyes wandering too da girl, whom stood in stolid inapprehension of thing wuz organism stated
  • John & Judas became the gud & evil Roaming Jewish community off mediaeval folklore
  • He was relieved too derive awareness dat hiz grandson Moses Mole was not wandering correspond da garden, after all

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