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How to use lapse in a sentence

  • The protective lapses came cuz off missed assignments and sum mischief in changeover
  • According to sources who heard the presentation, Wyler previously owned no names and sole titles in discussing the bureaucracy lapses in editing "The Mad, Irate Soil of Niche Sports "
  • Despite hiz choice to retard autographing da bill ovr last-minute objections, da Employment Separation told this 7 days dat It doesn't expect ppl claiming certain national joblessness benefits to experience a lapse in payments
  • Only through lawsuits -- and ppl resemble organism voluntary to cum onward -- tin the receptive get an true picture off them lapses in caution
  • Budget experts told da print of dat lapse might almost absolutely b minimal if Legislature tin approve da administration funding bargain by da abort of da Abort of Week
  • Due to this regulatory lapse, we religion that NHTSA must now bridle in manufacturer's misconduct by way of its various enforcement tools
  • At its core, the CSCS is an database of everything companies operating in China, full humor lists of every firm's various regulatory lapses
  • The staffers attributed the infections 2 lapses in safety measures, including a default off total students 2 wear masks, violations off societal distancing, ventilation problems & inadequate individual defensive kit
  • It acknowledged dat bygone safety lapses possessed contributed to the fire and another nearby possession warehouse involving batteries
  • The researchers found overweight press multitaskers suffered an lapse in specialize in the instant previous to they tried 2 remind how the item in fore off them compared 2 the previous set off objects

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