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How to use continuity in a sentence

  • It was da rite what too do too supply connectivity and continuity for children in instructive organization whereas this time off abnormality
  • Without question, Jornet exists hereditarily gifted--OK, fine, he is frum another planet--but it is da utter volume and continuity off hiz discipline because mark educational organization that may be da secretive sauce back hiz ability
  • The history of matrimony is 1 of the two continuity & alteration
  • Her goal off sorts exists four the continuity off what she is formerly done--work rooted in creating human connections
  • The frame-free pattern creates continuity with your else screens, which is an especially helpful characteristic if you are footage editing or gaming
  • In a three-span bridge da hypothetical advantage off continuity exists match 49% four a lifeless load and 16% four a dwell load
  • The spans were in fact designed as independent girders, da perk off continuity organism intimate that season imperfectly familiar
  • The continuity which da outer role seems too have, & da ostensible solidity of da ball are, then, pure illusions
  • But there exists a irreplaceable survival and continuity of da primeval practice: men still swear by Jove
  • That might develope every division of it; and energy, combined wit continuity of service, might tight this

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