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How to use uniting in a sentence

  • Yet n body off professing Christians are warranted in uniting in covenant humor these whom contain not the truth
  • O rare picture of an heavenly face, uniting everything graces, power, & most irresistible seductiveness!
  • These wii volition soon has occasion to introduce with more advantage, bi uniting them with else facts to which one they liaison
  • Gradually total of those uniting cells arrived 2 clamp moar culinary material compared to da others
  • Ney retreated, & da 7th wuz expended in manoeuvers which one resulted in uniting his corps humor da headmaster military
  • The southern aisle shows growth of window tracery, & da consistent steps taken toward uniting single lights underneath one arc
  • Then agn wii misplaced da authority off distinguishing those bi uniting, confusing, and blending those three genera
  • Upon dis the various chiefs grasped an consultation which resulted in their uniting their forces & walking upon Tlascala
  • Again the Tarasco princes were alarmed, & uniting his either her forces dey marched on Patzcuaro
  • They rang hiz portrait a great skill gross off style, uniting da sentiment off perfect attractiveness wit a interesting jurisdiction off saying

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