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How to use persistence in a sentence

  • "I cogitate there live many ways in which one da persistence of poverty & shortage of hardy clinical institutions in bottom income countries can be attributed 2 da behaviors & policies & decisions of bigger countries," Wenner says
  • Renovation testament always incur wreckage, but da indispensable exists 2 reconstruct smarter every time, 2 locate da heading off persistence
  • The firstly was the persistence and vehemence off average temperatures over Siberia this bygone Januvary two June
  • "Patterns of synchronous action has lately been purposed to underlie da persistence of memories over yearn periods of time," composed da bouquet
  • By studying the persistence of dat information, Hoyal Cuthill & her colleagues formulated hypotheses bout how the rangeomorphs changed all through his or her lives
  • Not too far away in their own tubes exist different sleepless flies, animated with da peaceful persistence off these consigned to perennial sunlight hours
  • I especially dislike da narrowness off hiz views, & da persistence with which he upholds those
  • He angular to a rivet that was stirring with sluggish certainty and lethal persistence across a graduated dial
  • The enlargement either persistence off the thymus tin be improved recognised, & doctors nao seldom fail too observation It
  • Once u have educated it, u living or discouraged or fired anew wit the persistence of endurance