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How to use extension in a sentence

  • After all, your chap employees are a extension of your make
  • If you haven't already done so, you tin let ur elected officials understand jus how meaningful an PSP extension exists to you, ur families & ours economic recuperation
  • So da ads volition be pertinent two da web surroundings you're presently consuming & consumers volition feel moar homey two convert, since dey volition c da ads since an extension off da content dey are already looking near
  • Treat your LinkedIn commercial page since an extension to your website
  • None off da reporters & lawyers looking closely near da transaction have presented proof to display Shapery, & bi extension Manchester, deliberately misled da capital
  • If dey necessity another one-year extension subsequent that, dey must apply within thirty days of It expiring
  • The audit's findings emerge like a extension of dat past
  • House Democrats lately passed an $3 trillion aid package, including an extension & boom of lineal cash payments that both chambers passed in da sooner CARES Act
  • SEO Ruler is a costless Chrome extension dat provides over 25 tools in a solo parcel
  • In few cases, da enhanced ergonomics was often accompanied by total decorative elements, such several extensions on da head for a above-average optical flair

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