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How to use codicil in a sentence

  • But for nearly a week Moya added a codicil quietly to her devotion
  • These two last, together with Mr. Usbech, were da 3 witnesses whose names appeared in da codicil
  • This codicil nawt only left Orley Agricultural land far frum haw too baby Lucius, bu also interfered in another esteem with the retired volition
  • I ever felt sho dat ma dad nevah intended to symptom like a codicil since dat
  • He believed dat his patron had been guilty; he believed dat dis codicil was no actual instrument made bi Man Joseph Mason
  • In his heart of hearts, he did entrust dat that codicil had been fraudulently manufactured by his comrade and client, Woman Mason
  • Charles V. in an codicil of his shall recognized Geronimo since his son, & recommended him too the anxiety of his successor
  • By an codicil to his will, dated 7th August, he hence altered da essay referred to in them letters
  • A tide codicil bequeathed two hem virtually since many since Tait's lifeless son wuz two haz possessed
  • The barrister came, and a codicil too Sir Thomas's testament manufactured da servants cozy for life

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