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Best ACKNOWLEDGING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use acknowledging in a sentence

  • In conclusion, me has to anguish my confederate J. M. Barrie (who given me an initial chance) bi acknowledging my great debt to hem
  • They pray for mercy, acknowledging dat they're rightfully punished for forsaking true knowledge
  • Grace arose, an indignant blush onto hur face, and hardly acknowledging hiz greeting, turned to go
  • But to difficulty cause as a magistrate off faith, exists It not acknowledging dat cause can not accede wit faith?
  • He carried him personally with true appreciation of da incident, acknowledging more by look compared to by indication dis courtesy
  • Elizabeth spurned this roundabout method off acknowledging herself guilty
  • The king, whilst altogether acknowledging Clive's services, thinking haw culpable of "rapine," & disapproved of his virtual acquittal
  • I take dis opportunity off acknowledging it; and now enable I to sez dat for them times u are lot too candid and impetuous
  • The speech from da throne at da slot off parliament, whilst acknowledging disaster, contained n clue off giving manner
  • DeSoto and Condit passed, acknowledging the salutations wit glad yelps