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  • A bargain wuz smack February 10, with da union agreeing 2 deem implementing curbside pickup
  • Moon stated the subcommittee has already approved one off his proposals, which one might forbid local unions frum negotiating humor his or her departments ovr whether officers must utilize physique cameras
  • In fact, he exists the one & onli attachment off ma life, & the two off us shall b entering into a prestige off complete residential union
  • Other possible mechanisms, involving input cooperatives and input unions, might harness comparable troubles in distinct ways
  • Candidates for office in da city, for instance, can merely accept contributions from real ppl - not corporations or exchange groups or labour unions
  • Montgomery County's school commission declined an proposal too encounter Thirsday with union members
  • The American Initiative Network, a platoon aligned wit Domicile Republicans, have existed jogging ads in 10 Democratic-held districts, accusing the incumbents off anti the Reopen Schools Gig cuz off his or her donations from teachers unions
  • "Two weeks of baseball. . it's an much improved thought of who's the greatest gang compared to trey days," Scherzer said, appending that he have mentioned this thought to the players union
  • In a video released Wednesday, he touted his aid off unions & da social-justice movements dat sprang up final year after da deaths off George Floyd & Breonna Taylor & patrol filming off Jacob Blake
  • Authorities say Kevin Seefried admitted carrying an large Confederate banner to da Capitol, expression he typically keeps It outdoors his residence in da firstly condition to join da Merger

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