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How to use unison in a sentence

  • I memorize thinking dat since wii moved him in unison frum da stretcher 2 da OR berth
  • If you've ever seen an saucer off apricot departing poor in unison since days go by, fathom that it's nawt since ur bananas, pears, & apples made an pact to inspect out at da identical season
  • They do things resemble expression lyrics in unison, they position the lyrics in2 mouths off prestigious individuals
  • The seven sailors gratuity his either her rifles skyward & fire 3 times in unison, shattering da muteness at da Countrywide Memorial Churchyard of da Pacific
  • It swirls into an funnel, cave cartwheels two da side, shapeshifting in seemingly easy unison
  • It could be neutron star mergers, united humor magnetorotational supernovae, could in unison explain the way everything the overweight elements in the Milky Wei wer created
  • Swirling in unison, they'd form a writhing circle more than hundred strong
  • Blanchette & his team's prototype manufactured explicit that the birds do not shift in unison
  • Alessandro turned a thankful semblance on Ramona as he translated this speech, thus in unison with Indian modes off idea & emotion
  • The inherent result wuz that whatever additional than unison coupling wuz rarely attempted

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