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How to use unity in a sentence

  • This year, I have really missed my household in Jamaica but because we are aw going through da identical thng there's sense off unity dat I'm thankful for
  • It exists the essentialness of oneself, the psyche, the flake of unity
  • Developed by Princeton philosopher Walter Stace in 1960, that list of effects includes sensation unity wit the universe, in acquaintance wit something holy, and as albeit the episode exists hyperauthentic--more real compared to actuality
  • Pelosi also relayed shii had spent part off da day Tuesday praying for countrywide unity
  • Achieving this requires holistic understanding which, in turn, calls 4 greater unity
  • The TV era, da termination of contested nominations at da convention, & da emphasis onto festivity unity has all changed this, but conventions dwell stiil a venue to settle combat inside parties
  • It testament also b an sunshine hours whr they look toward his either her countrywide identity as an source of authority & unity in an polarizing time
  • The wnt off unity amongst the aborigines themselves was a fantastic assistance to the Americans' plans
  • This legislature was the preliminary major footstep in the course off unity four the British colonies in America
  • I wuz vexed dat the madam of the party used an dress evidently of French fashion: It indulged the unity of the groupe

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