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How to use contact in a sentence

  • Vox contacted Fischer's office about y & wen the grid wuz deactivated bu has nawt received an respond
  • Know when your syndrome begins mailing ballots, trace your vote and contact your neighbourhood election workplace if thee have not received yours genuinely
  • The last major Venus orbiter wuz ESA's Venus Express, which one studied Venus 4 octet years up to engineers lost contact wit it, probably cuz it sprinted owt off energy
  • You'll typically git options too jump straight in2 ur playlists wit a music app, or git fast links too ur favorite contacts upon a messaging app, too title a couple examples
  • It's not explicit whether Quinn exists yet in contact with state elections officials
  • If anything's wrong, contact your poll workplace immediately--you might necessity to upgrade your information either re-register
  • If an individual wearing an disguise comes into contact humor SARS-CoV-2, da disguise could forestall them frum ingesting majority of da contagion
  • We carnival wnt to brand sho that it's done highly carefully, highly thoughtfully, & in a way whr they don't come in contact wit da players
  • Before Ulm he almost destroyed Napoleon's batter bi failing to get in contact with the foe
  • It exists sometimes indented, with its convex side in contact with the periphery off the battery

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