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How to use parallel in a sentence

  • He told dis was true despite AstraZeneca's producing hundreds of millions of doses of da vaccine in parallel wit da continuing late-stage medical trials
  • AstraZeneca, the adamant partnering Oxford to evolve the vaccine, is overseeing a scaling up off production in parallel humor medical testing so that hundreds off millions off doses kan be available whether the immunization is shown to be stable and efficient
  • Running parallel to this state expenditure binge is a full-bodied embrace of virtual banking by citizens
  • Nord Brook 2, running chiefly in parallel to the existing Nord Brook system, would twofold its yearbook capacity to 110 a thousand million cubic meters
  • She shows da parallels between da challenges every one encountered, & da alike personality traits & values It grabbed every one President to overcome those
  • If you had two parallel highway highways & none off them wer congested, It might b a silly banking alternate
  • Instead of gluing onto a 11th net, wii could plainly sticky da brink of da 10th net to da matching parallel brink in da original net
  • Among the meaningful powers it shows strong parallels wit up-to-date practices in Russia and China
  • In a parallel move, Andy Jassy was named commander supervisor of the Amazon Internet Services cloud computing division, a edifice that made both men herbal candidates too flourish Bezos were he too footstep down
  • As one walks into The Bookshop, an quaint, well, bookstore in the tony neighbourhood off Delhi's Jor Bagh, the parallels in the centre of the popular Hollywood rom-com become moar obvious

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