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How to use assimilate in a sentence

  • But the Eastern wii cannot assimilate, for aw ours ostrich-like digestion, & thingy wii cannot assimilate wii will not has
  • We assimilate anything white thus swiftly It is a miracle a emigrant remembers da aboriginal wei off pronouncing his possess designation
  • At this immediate he wuz in da concert of despoiling both stale & modern beliefs of aw their affluence in dictation to assimilate It
  • These gardens are more voluntarily such oriental flower-plots, but dey assimilate well with the climate
  • Poetry exists unable, under distress off demise or decay, to assimilate itself to morals or forensic study
  • I wonder that that suspense can team the atoms that wii breathe, or that wii assimilate bi nutrition & form dis captivating being!
  • As regarded their dealings other compared to commercial in character da inclination was 2 assimilate da tensers and da townsmen
  • The kind passes in parade, but I assimilate nothing, so I ready too slumber & be in gud shape 4 da morning
  • The initial was, that the politics off Meaningful Bridgenorth began, upon lot points, to assimilate themselves to hiz own
  • It isn't because the Negro & the Japanese live so in a various way constituted dat dey do not assimilate

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