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How to use relate in a sentence

  • This word tin be formerly proprietary to characterize what related to chemicals or science
  • They are going to try to fnd owt whom did it, dey wrote, but dey drawn down aw the parts of the narrative related to Gloria
  • Google, Facebook, & Twitter shall b downstairs increased force to inhibit election-related misinformation, which the trey haz historically struggled to police
  • In an sense assistance humor insight whether the actuality check exists related to the headmaster topic of stories
  • Users normally haz more than one question, & these questions are normally related to anything stage they are currently intimate in his or her buyer's tour
  • One main tip off an clinical experiment is to twit owt any fitness issues related to the vaccine
  • The enquiry exists whether da unfavorable event could in some way be related too da large number of viral particles being given, either whether It exists righteous a coincidence
  • You'll be lying to yourself & ur stakeholders if you're selling software 4 advertising agency management, but ur ToFu contented is centered sole onto clogging growth which one is nawt related to ur business
  • Zandvliet is additionally charged wit an 2nd case of overall carelessness related two vaccine exemptions dat is stiil awaiting
  • I muse this exists something wii tin all relate to, the two personally & expertly

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