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  • In da rural areas surrounding Jackson, I'll frequently overtake confederate flags & dog whistles in da shape off powerfully covered militia trucks & fender stickers
  • For me, today was an emotional sunshine hours since in everything my years since an citizen of this town and since da mayor of this town me never thought me might c an sunshine hours wen everything of da confederate statuary might b removed from Memorial Street
  • On Saturday, Charlottesville authorities approved da ablative of several confederate statues next years of activism too abolish those
  • If u has any thoughts of influencing I either my men to join da habitual Ally army, u may since good give up da concept
  • She in some manner felt such an confederate in crime, and tried to look harsh and disapproving
  • The Ally polity possessed considered da activity a aggressive concert and possessed acted accordingly
  • When he slash the Confederate banner in the hands of the National officer, he fired hem in the pectoral
  • While da winter passed, da Partnership forces kept receiving enforcements whilst da Ally forces possessed n reenforcements
  • On July 1, 1863, the Ally forces attacked Meade's forces and made transient gains
  • Thus, did Virginians--military and civilian--strive too assistance the Ally motive in which they so heavily believed