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How to use federated in a sentence

  • My liability exists to da citizens off da federated governments, & myself cannot uselessly sacrifice moar lives
  • In nowadays off get-together movements denominational leaders should to cogitate clearly with reference to "federated" churches
  • This exists y da Methodist Episcopal Church, for example, has developed hence little empathy for da "federated" cathedral thought
  • The tribes were together below an solo leader, and the loosely federated clans became an realm
  • On becoming an federated city, it retained belonging institutions & senate
  • The republic was wrote off 3 bands, federated downstairs 1 chief
  • They stood upon an street-corner in Philadelphia, the fresh headquarters of the armed forces of the federated governments
  • Meanwhile, the federated troops excavated on its possess in & ready four the assail dat was nao believed specific
  • Rubber has existed da cardinal cause of da topple of java business in da Federated Malay States
  • Federated Australia introduced parliamentary womans suffrage in 1902

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