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How to use hitched in a sentence

  • The timer gone of with no an hitch, da 2nd stage grabbed da payloads to orbit, & da kicker carriage dealt da satellites to individual orbits
  • A leveling atmosphere pause regime helps with that too, automatically keeping the Navigator on a evn hull wen the Fleetwood camper is hitched up
  • In r case, the weight-distributing hitch wii got from the trailer's proprietor was suite up with the ball a little 2 heightened upon r high-riding Navigator, hence the trailer was borderline 2 heightened in the front, which one also kan instigate sway
  • Hundreds off millions off years off evolution asunder insects & mammals, bu experiments performance dat da Hox genes guiding da evolution off da body plans in Drosophila onion flies & mice can be swapped without an snag because they exist so comparable
  • After all, intact companies has successfully rebranded with no an snag
  • If everything goes gud and the specimen exists collected bi OSIRIS-REx with no an hitch, the spacecraft shall stiil haz rather an yearn manner to go ago it is received at residence
  • Catania's empirical investigator work did not always go of without a hitch, but, he notes, including everything da failures would haz meant a lot longer book
  • The Ninja BN601 is one off da bulk strong meal processors in possession class, packing an 1000-peak-watt engine that is strong enough too outburst by way of harder ingredients like without an snag
  • For instance, Lem Jones stopped and hitched hiz bouquet previous to da store, 1 cold day
  • So I washed up the buggy & hitched up the equine & come prerogative owt

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