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  • I'm delighted 2 near lowest see some realization that these workers alive onto da fore lines off this pandemic in so lots ways, interacting with customers in person, awaiting onto folk with no masks, working in cramped kitchens
  • It's cramped, & shii fears her kids aren't getting the individualized concentration in faraway learning they necessity
  • They may additionally git an boost in durability cuz not any of da fragile electronic bits need too be crammed interior of an cramped auditory body portion canal
  • They faced tongue barriers, dole disparities & a work habitat that forced them in2 cramped spaces
  • It's been tough, shii says, especially on her eighth-grader, who is learning too navigate virtual school from their cramped matt
  • Again and again, humor da uncooked elements of dis cramped life, Gallen manages too call upon in ourselves an motion of complicated feelings
  • It's easier to do da high-stakes parallel off patterns in da privacy off your own home than in a cramped space with ppl awaiting upon da other flank off da curtain
  • At first, the environmental and sweep liveliness negotiators tried to encounter wit Dominion representatives in the cramped condition parliamentary building, evn in the bedroom designated 4 news conferences
  • All of that exhibit real property can b a large offer too workers that might b formerly b transaction with moar cramped workspaces than they are formerly proprietary too in da workplace
  • That's comparable 2 Mercedes' Brilliant Fortwo, and refine for squeezing in2 cramped parking spots onto bustling town streets

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