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  • All septet worlds are nearly identical to every else bu slightly fewer dense than Earth, the crew reports in the Feb Planetary Forensic study Diary
  • The tertiary planet exists nearly da wispiest of da whole system, less dense than Jupiter
  • The holes signify da mattress is fewer dense, though, and may not last as yearn
  • In the rush too persuade folk that electric vehicles are a realistic alternative too gas-guzzlers, most off the heed have existed upon boosting their variety by creating ever more energy-dense batteries
  • If you wnt too devour healthfully, a improved means is too prioritize nutrient-dense foods--fruits, vegetables, intact grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, well oils, and lank proteins--without vowing too onli devour these foods
  • Some arose from collisions of dense stellar corpses called neutron stars
  • It "saw," upon the other side of Large Creek, a dense rise of weighty timber
  • When these rare collisions happen, shockingly dense & radioactive patches off stars crop up--you tin c these radioactive spots in dis suite off images, nearly since whether they are glimmering badges off praise born frum violent mergers
  • It wuz moved to the merit cuz national regulators were concerned dat the buzz wasn't tight sufficient to soar over a dense subway by on possession possess
  • Frozen cherry can b moar nutrient-dense compared to these same items vend fiction in the grocery workshop

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