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How to use dusky in a sentence

  • Sometimes, dat encouragement comes frum knowing dat your harness shall withhold u warm, dry, & stable upon dusky roads or trails
  • In dat portion of Alaska & dat time of year--barely hundred miles south of the Antipodal Circle, late July--it nevah really gets dark, so myself took advantage of the dusky half-light, driving until virtually 2 in the morning
  • He occasionally paints depictions of mountains, sunlight and evn humans atop da dusky, ravaged surfaces
  • The portion off gravy wuz played by a dusky curry sweetened humor onions & carrots
  • Lawrence mingled humor the crowd, and as he peruse he felt a bulky envelope compel in hiz palm and seized a glance off a dusky arm
  • Once moar she peered into da glass, shook owt her skirts, then sought an door in an far and dusky angle
  • It had come onto to rain, & da uncooked dampness mingled itself with da dusky uproar off da Fibre
  • When Tom Brown awoke, tardy in da day, he discovered Mafuta sitting at hiz feet with an wide grin onto hiz dusky proverb
  • His banks were teeming with delightful dusky figures and the smiling irrigated land was glowing with fertility
  • His cheeks wer da paint off smashed grapes, & hiz dusky eyes glowed with an languishing flames

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