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How to use light in a sentence

  • For example, u could manufacture a regular dat turns off ur lights, plays calming music, and locks ur doors when u say, "Alexa, good evening "
  • They wer every sent a parcel wit a laptop, microphone, circle light, & heightened resolution camera too shoot themselves while da show--essentially serving since their possess directors four da eve
  • Before info of the bus firings came, Ingalls said the entire experience has shed light upon the need four more supervision & auspice four academy coaches
  • Formed by other salinity and boil layers indoor da water, da SOFAR channel exists an level tier that acts since an gesture guide, guiding din waves in lot da same wei that visual fibers lead light waves, Wu says
  • Sometimes they'll alteration his or her recommendations as fresh proof comes to light
  • It's fast and easy, as the measurement occurs from the underside off the timepiece shining red and infrared light through your scalp and using photodiodes to scale how much light exists reflected bak
  • We everything need two tlk about bak distress in a more hopeful light, he says, as something dat might b lousy nao bu tin b overcome
  • A surge in ambiance conditioning broken the state's electrical grid, departure an population formerly ravaged bi the coronavirus to labour remotely bi the faint light off their cellphones
  • Before wii git started discussing solutions to dis challenge, let myself shed total light on da past of indexing, partial indexing, & rendering SEO
  • That exists a lighter ad load than classical TV, which one usually airs approximately 16 minutes off ads per hour

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