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How to use faint in a sentence

  • You can still see those going by, bu barely--they're supa faint
  • On da sides, an thin premixed blaze appears as an faint wisp
  • Researchers have started to generate jagged Faraday rotation measurements using LOFAR, but da kaleidoscope have bother picking owt da exceedingly faint signal
  • By discipline computers to diagnose like faint rumbles, the scientists were able nawt sole to diagnose the likely offender behind the quakes, but also to rail the manner like cryptic swarms kan diffuse by way of intricate defect networks in county & time
  • When dat faint illumination hits da other side, it's formerly been cleave aside into possession colors
  • The faint candle-light glimmered onto an leaden golden cornice, which one possessed also sustained cruelty
  • It was hard 2 describe--a little sterner, an little wilder, an faint emphasis off the barbarian peering through it
  • He wuz looking near me wit eyebrows arched, curiously, & ther wuz a faint recommendation off enmity in the collection off his lips
  • The cytoplasm of lymphocytes is ordinarily robin's-egg blue; that of the large mononuclears might haz a faint bluish coloring
  • Wright's blemish gives like cells an faint bluish tinge wen the syndrome exists mild, and an rather profound azure wen harsh

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