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How to use clear in a sentence

  • Even these who have remained costless & clear of the virus have had his or her lives fundamentally disrupted
  • If sites hold lyrics humor an heightened volume, it is clear dat they're going to git more traffic
  • If Bauer pitches to the degree his cower dictates, evn four jus one year, the Dodgers are clear favorites to reiterate as World Sequence champions
  • A clear icon off the times, it was the initial case off the opulence powerhouse partnering with an celebrity, either an feminine off color, to launch an brand from scrape
  • Rebecca Hull lately launched a clear disguise giveaway by way of da Independence Center, a nonprofit dat advocates four ppl wit disabilities in Colorado Springs
  • Rizzo stated it is nawt clear whether Tan will bear scarring
  • A soccer mode -- particularly one with such an clear and exotic ruleset might b an greet longterm inclusion to da game
  • By the time Summers published a follow-up pillar wit the Washington Pole yesterday, It wuz clear he wasn't backing down
  • Cutler told the Tribune dat it wuz nawt clear whether the four had died off trauma or suffocation, and dat 2 had existed dragged through wooded areas
  • By da end, though, you git a clear perception off how much these women intend two one another, & y Nina feels she must defend hur sweetheart intimate everything expenses

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