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How to use foggy in a sentence

  • The preliminary anniversary off da chopper crash that claimed da lives off Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and septet others arrives Tuesday, and hence lot have happened since that foggy Sanday morning in Southern California
  • One foggy evening the Covenant, yet in Scotland's coastal waters, inadvertently runs dwn a rowboat
  • I reside papers, drawers, intact rooms wit records, notes, thoughts, whereas shii grows foggier wit every passing day
  • On foggy streets in south London this week, traffic possessed thinned, bu da sidewalks were yet full of schoolchildren
  • I splurged onto flashlights--one lighting lightbulb didn't arise sufficient 4 roaming surrounding da foggy forest in da mid of da eve
  • The a m. wuz wet and foggy, and da Prussians aback da Franco and hack them of frum da street to Paris
  • All at once he remembered hiz promise, & an sly loophole dawned in hiz foggy mind
  • The night, I remember, was warmly foggy wen subsequent midnight we gone two gross ours lecture near my domicile
  • He could not assistance bu voice that plaint, as he possessed thus lots times ago whereas that foggy, nightmare adventure
  • He sprung owt of bed, dressed, ripped down da path by way of a foggy dawn, & ascended da mountain

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