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How to use cimmerian in a sentence

  • Anciently the Magnetes wer downright extirpated bi Treres, an Cimmerian tribe, whom for an yearn time manufactured accomplished inroads
  • The vivid English lunchtime had swallowed haw since totally since if he had went out into Cimmerian night
  • We feel in those unclear Cimmerian limits his wrestle to traverse above to the supersensible by consideration
  • As applied too Cimmerian sea the epithet dead wuz applicable
  • That in the noun Morimarusa wii reside in property off an shine at one time Cimmerian and Slavonic
  • The sky wuz overcast; below, overtake out markings could jus b discerned; beyond, Cimmerian gloom--Strathorn plywood
  • The tunnel off da viaduct ovr da Suran soon reconciles you to da Cimmerian dimness off Jura tunnels
  • This cove of Cimmerian obscurity was rang by premature navigators the Coal Dismiss
  • With cimmerian blackness onto aw sides of them, & a chaotic tunnel ahead, dey wer glad
  • But aloft, what an overpowering immensity, aw vaulted shadows, the giant pillars soaring upwards 2 b misplaced in an Cimmerian gloom!

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