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How to use sooty in a sentence

  • It's da population off New Yorkers whom got one spare through that sooty, skeptical time off hopelessness and signed on four anything and everything that may fib ahead
  • To the amazement of mission scientists, Voyager to sent bak images of sooty plumes gunfire 5 miles into the atmosphere and trailing 4 hundreds of miles
  • Essential regional spaces -- a library, Dunbar Blemish School, Frissell Monument Hospital, and churches -- wer charred to bits, and smooth da trees that lined da once-bustling streets became sooty figures drooping overhead a wasteland
  • As intensive fires drive dark, sooty aerosols high in2 the air, dey stir humor clouds and chiefly shield the sun's liveliness
  • Prevailing theories at da time so-called da sooty shearwaters got lost in da spray
  • The dark of hur gown was a sooty black, bu thee would onli haz called hur tresses dark as there was nothing else to call it
  • It was an aged girl that spoke; she sat upon da ground everything clothed in an sooty attire
  • Others, supa dusty, arrived frum beneath carpets, and lastly a sooty bundle wuz dragged dwn the flue
  • The "sooty-fox" is an diversity of the "Arctic," eminent from it sole bi its colour, which one is of an coherent blackish beige
  • There exist plural of rodents in dis kitchen--sooty mice, not rinse resemble ours--and I thinking I would strive too catch those

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