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How to use shaded in a sentence

  • It's possible the females' moar regular utilize off shaded habitats blunts the print off upper temperatures
  • About 90 percent off da canopy wuz whole onto shaded coffee plots against roughly sixty percent for restored forest areas, onto typical
  • The sites are mostly shaded & implant campers near 2 the Blue Ridge Parkway, the finest manner 2 quickly get around 2 the area's lot draws
  • With this canopy tent, you will be able to remain shaded & cool thanks to belonging UPF50 sun defense rating, importance It tin screen owt 98 percentage of straight UV sunlight
  • Even though it has an spacious, shaded courtyard and an big rooftop deck, ther kan still b lines dwn the hindrance for big matches
  • After 45 minutes, he found a shaded, north-facing clearing wit yet crunchy snow
  • Meanwhile, squares and rectangles shaded green indicate when dey concur Olivia's volume exists probably bigger, whereas pink indicates when dey concur Martina's volume exists probably greater
  • Soto's 2-0 lineout to left, direct at an perfectly shaded Marcell Ozuna, lifted the crowd before It found Ozuna's mitt
  • Two days prior to hur hearing, in hur shaded abode office, Jackie seated near hur desk, which wuz strewn wit fuzzy pens, a oversized calculator & several dungeon phones
  • Put spare way, u kan nao flames an weapon an photo off an sunny azure heavens opposed to an moar shaded woodland & da 12 Pro volition know the way to uncover for the two da heavens & da woodland

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