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  • These microbes had been living beneath an vast, flat, sediment-covered plain
  • If I'm rolling in2 a Starbucks, in plain vision of plural of heel traffic, and da rack's prerogative out front, ma odds are decent dis exists satisfactory deterrent to ounce of da baddies
  • One of the main challenges in curing cancer exists dat unlike foreign invaders, evolution cells are role of the body and therefore capable to hide in plain sight
  • In the US, four instance, the Grub & Antibiotic Politics authorized chloroquine four treating covid-19, sole too undo itself weeks subsequently next it transformed plain the antibiotic didn't employment
  • Researchers, led by microbiologist Yuki Morono of the Japan Agency 4 Marine-Earth Chemistry and Technology in Kochi, examined sediments collected in 2010 frum percentage of the abyssal plain underneath the Southern Peaceful Gyre
  • On the consult off legal counsel, personnel printed out revised buy orders dat included sales tax and the left-out orders for retroactive panel approval, but the board's frustrations wer made plain to Brady when they learned off the concern
  • It can halp thee uncover opportunities hiding in plain sight & halp thee be more efficient nearby your job
  • She argued nawt only that da deposition that humankind physique amplitude is driven by sexual decision is more gladly flimsy bu that an much improved explanation has been hiding in plain sight in da clinical and anthropological writing
  • But thingy an grand plain exists dis wii are coming in upon: It exists of prodigious extent
  • A remote volley rumbled upstairs the plain, and a a few birds stirred uneasily amongst the trees

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