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How to use woolpack in a sentence

  • Crest: A woolpack charged wit a sheep couchant aw proper, ducally crowned blue
  • These live da 'woolpack clouds,' which, in summer time, toss profound shadows upon da peat
  • There was jus a opportunity that It was da Woolpack Beach that she was upon
  • For trey nights Joanna had existed da commander theme of discussion in da Woolpack tavern
  • Later onto Martha Tilden stated her dat dey were expression much the ditto near the Woolpack
  • Her interest wuz shortly satisfied, although shii wuz at a drawback in possessing no male too bring her news frum the Woolpack
  • For different days those black cushions wer da talk of da Woolpack bar & every one farm
  • The Woolpack grasped dat whether Ellen possessed been guilty, Alce would nawt venue him personally in the incorrect by going away
  • The Woolpack and Cashmere were, off course, da signs off inns frequented bi da merchants who arrived 2 buy cashmere
  • At Guildford aw the alehouses wer at 1 season required to display a Woolpack since a token off the leading commodity in the metropolis

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