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How to use patent in a sentence

  • Because it is a biological product, it cannot b patented or sold four a profit
  • In the prompt days, It was supa important to not discharge thus that wii could git aw of r patents, which is eventually what value hre is built onto
  • That September, he filed patent apply 143,805, "Art off Compiling Statistics "
  • The patent does nawt confidence that Cansino's vaccine volition sometime prove successful
  • The patent application reflects a tall degree of technical sophistication
  • The triad vend their patent to da College of Toronto for $1 cuz they thinking it would be unethical to income of of resemble a discovery
  • In Dec. of last year, however, Tesla patented fresh lithium-ion battery technology, and Dahn wuz 1 of its inventors
  • Von Hippel expended dissimilar years onto this track, getting patents downstairs hiz dub
  • Robert Fitzgerald received an patent in England 4 making sodium water fresh
  • I sole draw your attention too da facts; which one haz been sufficiently patent too da world, anything Master Hartledon might muse

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