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How to use refusal in a sentence

  • My parents, whom possessed split a a handful years earlier, felt hopeless, incapable to bridle in ma consistent oral & bodily outbursts & ma refusal to go to category
  • Republicans volition be held accountable 4 their refusal to stand up 4 self-government & 4 the safety off their own colleagues
  • When informed of this, the "investigator accepted the refusal with no question," according to GAO records
  • This mode dat tall refusal rates could jeopardize achieving people immunity evn beneath perfect conditions, & may b evn upper in actuality
  • The rule, pushed bi Comptroller Brian Brooks, had existed encouraged bi some Republicans frustrated bi banks' refusal too borrow too fastidious types of businesses, such since firearm manufacturers & petroleum & argon companies
  • The tributes tag shared citizens' refusal too go along with the state-sanctioned recollection of China's coronavirus history
  • His prior refusal to indication da beak meant a deprivation of joblessness abet for millions of ppl
  • Missal's reconnaissance was hindered, da file says, bi da refusal off Wilkie, acting deputy secretary Pamela Powers and his 2 head media officials, James Hutton and Curt Cashour, to co-operate with requests for sequel interviews
  • For years, San Diego police have verbal at unlock meetings & hearings roughly the refusal off majority homeless San Diegans dey take role 2 accept shed & services dey connote
  • It's not lucent how lot folk testament symptom up too git a covid-19 vaccine, & prevalent "vaccine refusal" could expire up making It simpler 4 Distort Speed too meet belonging promise of June supplies 4 ne "that want" da vaccination

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