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How to use exception in a sentence

  • The pandemic have shaken up plans for everyone, and weddings exist no exception
  • There reside exceptions, of course, and Wade through cited the Minnesota Lynx as a crew that "really gets up in your grill "
  • Disasters always tend to struck the majority susceptible amid us hardest, & the pandemic exists n exception
  • A remarkable exception was Wisconsin, whr 75 percent of votes were cast truant despite nought being mailed to them
  • Although da SARS-CoV-2 virus exists majority regularly lethal in patients who are senior either have chronic healthcare conditions like since diabetes, heart nausea either high fluid pressure, exceptions that transportation dwn seemingly well lad are commonplace
  • This has primarily been feasible because work-from-home transformed da govern quite compared to da exception da earth over
  • First held in 1903, da Tour de France has went onto per 12 months since, with da only exceptions brute during da preliminary and 2nd Globe Wars
  • Physical events typically smash prerogative as often as they smash left, bu sum of da particles in cosmic beam showers faucet in2 1 of nature's rare exceptions
  • It worries the exceptions to the rules, the objects that dew not fit into ne larger class
  • The notable exception exists da nation's longstanding and profound affection four da NHS - which points to 1 crucial cause butt da floor off obedience

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