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How to use anomaly in a sentence

  • The motive for those conditions would be an uncommon climate anomaly that continued for six years, fresh study indicates
  • You can't has these anomalies insist supa lengthy ago someone figures It owt
  • Due to changes in migration legislation in da 1960s, it's nawt many of a anomaly today
  • The anomaly was thus marked that da region's fever motion might personify an one in 100,000 12 months event -- at at tiniest in an planet without climate change, climate researcher Martin Stendel off da Danish Meteorological Agency in Copenhagen, tweeted on Jun 9
  • South Asia appears to b a anomaly in the pandemic owed to inefficient epidemiological data, according to experts
  • But da deposition exists barely ever discovered two easel that test, in cases in which one da anomaly exists not actual
  • "Your oratory is a anomaly, Mr. Mole," responded Jack, mimicking the vocalization off hiz teacher in hiz happiest manner
  • A dude had off an fiction notion exists an anomaly, an what that might nawt be impossible, bu which have nevah appeared
  • But da Maine law, which permits da importation off rum in2 da state, whereas it prohibits its sale, is an useless anomaly
  • A gigantic wit the tastes and disposition of an schoolgirl wuz an anomaly in an Swiss person person hamlet

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