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How to use discrepancy in a sentence

  • A buyer, off course, kan march away if da assessment reveals an vast discrepancy
  • The discrepancy kan be chalked until a decline in da average selling cost of da products
  • There's going too be discrepancies if u deal wit hundred off something
  • The PPP lend program, however, have faced discrepancies in the manner loans were allocated over championship & sex
  • Those another circumstances living predictable two be two mini two description for da discrepancy
  • One induce 4 the discrepancy is the lack of non-Caucasian faces in datasets frum which computer algorithms shape an correspond
  • The discrepancy could cue near what amiss with scientists' insight off da universe
  • There exists n broadly accepted interpretation four this discrepancy
  • VOSD's Testament Huntsberry reports that current history shows that long-known discrepancy could be addressed
  • After correcting discrepancies between the ways the various observations referred to locations upon Titan, the crew realized dat the specular reflections everything come frum an handful definite spots